Chairlift for cyclists and hikers from June 15, 2019

New summer attraction for hikers and adrenaline enthusiasts with 3-hours admission to the Aquapark Meander Oravice.

From 15 June 2019, in Skipark Meander Oravice will be summer operation of four-seater chairlift for the cyclists and hikers.
There are four routes with a total length of more than 10 km. Some routes are easy to ride on mountain bikes, off-road scooters, off-road tricycle or are intended for hikers.
The bike or scooter and tricycle will be comfortably exported on a four-chair lift.

Off-road scooter Monsterroller, tricycle Mountain Cart or mountain bike rental is available in the resort.
After hiking or adrenaline rides, there is a convenient 3-hour entry to the thermal Aquapark Meander Oravice. All you need to do is purchase a one-way ticket for the chairlift with a 3-hour admission to the thermal aquapark and enjoy a unique combination of activity and relaxation.

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Operating hours:
Summer operation of the four-chair lift from 15.6.2019 to 14.7.2019:
Thursday – Sunday  10:00h – 15:00h
Summer operation of four-chair lift from 15.7.2019 to 1. 9.2019:
Daily 10:00 – 15:00

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