Attractions and relaxation

At the Meander aquapark we offer a range of attractions for both you and your children. We also have something for those who seek rest and relaxation rather than an adrenalin rush.

Artifical waves - get buffeted by waves in the heart of the mountains

Our resort's showpiece attraction is its wave machine swimming-pool. Get a taste of the power of the sea in the outdoors part of the complex. Everyone can enjoy a romp in the pool's high waves.


Our 100 m long flume with its own landing-pool is an unmissable feature of the park. To get to it you'll have to climb the high tower in the indoors section, where you'll be rewarded with a long slide through warm, thermal water.


Our Finnish is just the solution for those seeking regeneration of body and mind. A visit to the sauna relieves both physical and psychological stress, supports the circulation and revives the skin. The temperature in the sauna ranges from 75 - 95° C.


Our masseurs are on hand at any time during your stay. We provide a wide range of massages, from neck to back massages, full-body massages and reflexive massage.

Sea aerosol bath

The sea areosol bath is a light, all-over spray shower using unique seawater from the "European Dead Sea". The water's mineral content is many times that of sea air and has proven beneficial effects on the breathing passages.

Children's play area

The children's play area, intended for the youngest children (2-12 years) can be found on the first floor of the indoors part of the park. The area includes a ball pond, climbing frames, play houses and short slides.

Water mushrooms and spouts

Find out what it's like to swim through a waterfall. Underneath the bridge over the sports pool water spouts create two walls of water. There's fun for the kids with our water mushrooms, and adults can give their back relief with the spouts in the relaxation pools.